Wednesday, October 27, 2004


So how do you get rid of baby hiccups? I am coming to the conclusion that while baby hiccups can be cute, they have more potential to annoy then anything else. I have recently discovered that when this baby gets the hiccups it really gets them. It can only be described as feeling like my stomach is being violently jostled from the inside. With about ten times more force then the average kick.

I have also decided that while this baby may have my toes, it defiantly has Dan's stomach. That is the only explanation for me eating a combo from Tacotime only an hour after eating a very hearty supper of mashed potatoes, chicken and vegetables.

I'm never wrong!

I continue with the belief that the snow will be gone by Halloween.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Yep, It's official

All last week we kept thinking to ourselves: It's too early for winter, this snow is going to melt and we'll have a another week or two of autumn. Guess we were wrong...

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Goodbye summer - Oh winter, it's YOU again!

So much for having one last weekend to mow my lawn. It's under about 6 inches to a foot of snow :(

Wouldn't be so bad if there was a chance that it was going to melt, but with only a few more weeks until Halloween, odds are that it's here to stay :(

Guess I'm not the only one to wish that Old Man Winter wasn't really here yet though, our elm tree still has about 80% of it's leaves, despite every other tree in the area being almost completely bare :)

Remind me why we wanted cats again...

Well, Link (one of our two kittens) has finally come around and spends time with us! (Well after we go to bed, anyways...). The only question I have now is "What exactly were we thinking?". Since Link has decided we're not so bad, we have yet to get a night of un-interrupted sleep. Seems kittens, especially stray ones, are nocturnal and are most active between the hours of 2 and 8 am... So much for the new bed giving us a peaceful nights sleep...

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Oh sweet piece of heaven!

Who could ever have imagined that a bed could be so GOOD!

First night in the new bed is now over (well for me anyways, Carmen may never get out of it...), and this morning is the first time in recent memory that I slept more or less through the night AND woke up without a sore back! Not to mention the fact that I got up after the FIRST ring of my alarm.

The moral of the story:

You spend approximately 1/3 of your life sleeping, it's worthwhile to INVEST in a good bed!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

$150 a year for 10 years of good sleep? We'll take it!

Well, we finally broke down and got rid of our broken down old bed. :)

The new bed is gonna be GREAT! First of all, we've upgraded from a double to a queen sized bed, which works out well now that Carmen has a body pillow that shares the bed with us... Add to that the fact that it sits about a full foot higher than our old bed and you've got one sweet night's sleep.

More on how good it is in practice later :)

We've won the war!

I think our cats have finally decided we are not so bad after all. We can finally pick both of them up without fear of losing a finger, and assuming nobody makes any sudden movements they will let us pet them. Even occasionally giving us the much sought after purr. I have been anticipating this moment, as we have kept them locked in our bedroom, and their nightly prowl has been disturbing my sleep for to long now. Talking about sleep, we bought a new bed this weekend and it arrives tonight. It cost way to much money to even mention. I like to cover my eyes, plug my ears and pretend it was free. But despite the cost, I know by tormorrow morning I will have been willing to pay twice as much.