Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sara-Lyn has arrived!

Sara-Lyn Marie Legge came into this world with flair at 11:18 am on June 17th. She weighed in an astonishing 7lbs 7.7oz four weeks ahead of schedule measuring 20 3/4" in length. Mom and baby are home and resting comfortably after a hospital stay that was anything but ordinary. Here is the play-by play of how this little miracle came into the world:

June 16th

6:00 am Carmen's Water begins leaking (slowly)
8:00 am Call health link and confirm that we should go the hospital
11:00 am Arrive at foothills general hospital and check-in at labour and delivery
11:20 am Get a bed
12:00 pm Nurses hook Carmen up to a fetal monitor
12:20 pm Daniel asks a nurse why the monitor is printing blank paper instead of pulse and contraction lines - Nurses fix the monitor
1:00 pm Nurses turn8 the monitor off
1:30 pm Doctor comes to examine Carmen - "No labour yet, try walking around for a while to try and get things moving"
7:00 pm

Give up on walking around and retire back to the triage area of the labour and delivery ward

Nurses say that Carmen should be induced in a couple of hours

Carmen gets some rest, Daniel goes home to help Nana put Hannah to bed and to get some rest himself.

9:00 pm Daniel returns to the hospital expecting Carmen to be resting or in the early stages of labour - She's playing solitaire, nurses say that Carmen may be induced sometimg tomorrow morning - Daniel asks if we can both go home to get some rest and come back in the morning - Nurse goes to ask doc if this is acceptable
9:30 pm Nurse returns with a tentative time of 12:00 am for inducing Carmen - We can't go home

June 17th

12:30 am We get moved to a delivery room and they begin administering synthetic Oxytocin to start labour
7:00 am Doctor checks the cervix and discovers that labour has stalled at 4cm (no clue how long she'd been stuck there for) because there is a large volume of fluid trapped below the baby - Membranes are re-reruptured and labour resumes without the aid of the Oxytocin
11:00 am Nurse says that it's time for Carmen to start pushing
11:17 am

Baby's head comes out and doctor discovers that the baby has a shoulder dystocia (Shoulder is stuck) and all hell breaks loose.

Doctor instructs Carmen to start making short gentle pushes as he grabs the baby by the head and shoulders (yes, the shoulders are still inside - use your imagination a little here) and begins pulling and twisting on the baby trying to get it out

Daniel and Carmen start to panic as we realize that something isn't right

11:18 am Sara-Lyn Marie makes her entrance into the world!

Oh yeah, and here are the pictures for those of you who are only interested in seeing the pics:

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