Saturday, June 25, 2005

New Toy!

I feel sorry for the poor toy that had to take this picture, as I'm sure it will very quickly be phased out in favor of our new one...

Digital Camcorder

And NO, it did not come from the evil, nasty, vile Future Shop (although the extra tapes did...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This is one of those weeks when I really should have posted daily, now I have so many things to say I don't even really know where to start. My mother and grandmother were in Edmonton this weekend, it was nice to be able to visit family without always having to travel 8 hours. Our good friends Kelly and Kara were also in Edmonton this weekend so we all went out to supper at Eastbound. I particularity enjoy Eastbound as they serve a variety of sushi at exceptional prices. I have to poke fun at Kelly though who I'm sure greatly enjoyed his Tim hortons on the way back to Edson. To add to an already busy weekend it was Father's day on Sunday. To accommodate all of the people visiting on Sunday I took Dan out for supper on Friday night and we enjoyed a nice breakfast on Saturday morning. Hannah (with a little help from me) made Dan a poster featuring foot prints and some very original finger painting.

There is of course always more to say about Hannah, She had a particularity bad cold last week so she was pretty grumpy, but it was mostly gone by the weekend. Of course she gave me her cold so I was sick all weekend. We tried her on the hypo allergenic formula that the Doctor recommended. Of course we discovered that she is also allergic to the hypoallergenic formula. I talked to her Doctor this morning, and he said that at this point he suggests we wait to see the allergist to find out what exactly it is she is allergic to. There is one more type of formula we can try but it is 50$ for a can that only makes 10 to 15 bottles. A little pricey when you consider she would need 6 bottles a day. Unfortunately it is going to take two months to get in to see the allergist so for now it is back to breastfeeding. Except now every time she has any kind of reaction I have to write down what I ate.

On a more positive note, Hannah rolled over this weekend. I think she was showing off to her great grandmother. She was lying on her stomach and she got about half way rolled over stopped to make sure everybody was looking, then fell onto her back. I think she surprised even herself, as she almost immediately started crying.

Well I think that sort of sums everything up, I know there has been more happening but I can't seem to think of anything right now.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Here are the high(er)-quality videos

DISCLAIMER These will take a LONG time to load on dial-up

I have also provided links so that people can download the videos to their machines for viewing later (and so that people with browsers that still don't work can see the videos if the really want to.

Video 0 Link
Video 1 Link
Video 2 Link
Video 3 Link

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Do I sense a dancer?

Here's a little sample of just how much Hannah enjoys her newest toy - No, the video is not playing at double-speed, that is how fast her feed are actually moving.

To accomodate our many family and friends that are on dial-up, the video will not download automatically. To start downloading the video, click on the text below the video player.

Click here to start video (Sorry, no audio)

P.S. If there is enough interest in these videos, I can put up more (better quality) videos for those of you with High Speed (or lots of patience)

EDIT: I have removed any references to Windows Media Player, so the video should work in any browser now...

Six Months, Already!

It is hard to believe that Hannah is already six months old. I have to say that she may have become just the littliest bit spoiled. For her six month birthday she got a jolly jumper, and a couple of teething toys. It took me six months to learn this lesson but yesterday I came to the conclusion that as far as babies are concerned everything is a teething toy. I put Hannah in her jolly jumper yesterday for the first time, and of course for the first 10 minutes all she did was chew on the strap. It is a rather expensive teether. She did eventually get bored of chewing on the strap and had great fun discovering how to bounce. Just a side note to those who are interested, but Hannah weighed in at 16lbs and 3 ounces at her six month shots on June the 3rd.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hannah - 4 - 6 Months

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