Friday, September 23, 2005

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From the Share A Little Magic site (With thanks from EZ Rock 104.9):

To celebrate Big Brother Big Sister month, MasterCard has put forth a challenge to get 25,000 hits to this site on September 23rd. If successful, MasterCard will donate $75,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada. On Sept 23rd, tell your friends that Magic is just a click!

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Hannah has started experimenting with different constanent sounds. It is quite fun listening to her experiment with y, w and g sounds. She has become quite the chatterbox often laughing at herself after a particularity intriguing combination. Her second tooth has come in, and she is a much happier girl now. She was having a particularity rough time with the second tooth. For the last few days anyways she has been back to her usual happy self, and has discovered a new way to move around. She rocks forward putting her weight on her legs and then scooches her bum forward. I find it rather difficult to watch as I keep on expecting her to fall flat on her face.

Our renovations are finally done, and it was defiantly a learning experience. I am just glad we got everything done on time, and our tenant was able to move in without any problems. It is different sharing our house with a complete stranger, but the money is nice, and I am sure I will adjust.

Dan and I just got home from Peace River a few hours ago, and once again it is nice to be home. We met our friends Colleen, and Kara and Kelly there. It was nice to visit with them, as with everybody being so busy, we haven't seen them for anything longer then a meal in at least a year. It was a great weekend, we stayed in a hotel called the Third Mission, which was a renovated mission. Our suite had two bedrooms, a kitchen sitting area, and of course a full bath. And all that for only 125$/night.

We got home just in time to have a quick visit with Dan's parents before they headed off on their trip to Vegas. Lynne and Cliff - We hope you have a great time, and congratulations on renewing your vows. The next 25 years will surely be even more exciting then the last. I think that is everything, I will bug Dan to post some pictures of Hannah and our renovations.