Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Year

It is hard to believe that it has been another year since I posted. Rebekah just had her 3rd birthday last week. I'm finding it hard to accept that my littlest baby is 3 already. In the fall she will be starting 3 day a week pre-school. She is so excited to go to preschool. I don't think I have to worry about first day jitters with her. Not that any of my other kids had a problem. I told her before Christmas that if she went pee in the potty and wore big girl panties she could go to preschool. She very gladly took me up on the offer and when Santa brought her panties for Christmas she refused to wear diapers. She succeeded though, so now we go to a parented preschool one day a week, and she loves it. It is so cute when she sings along in the class, as she sings her own words whenever she feels like it, and louder then everybody else.

Hannah turned 6 back in December. We had a swimming/bowling party with some of her school friends. It is amazing how independent she is getting. I can often rely on her for help now, and can trust her to do things on her own. Sometimes it is difficult to let her go, but when I give her my trust she generally does even better then I hoped. She is enjoying Grade 1. It was a rough start to begin with. She was really tired by the end of the day, and while she was loving going by the time we saw her at the end of the day she was a bit of a grouch. Things are better now though, and a earlier bed time has helped with waking up in the morning. She is doing amazing in math, and reading. Struggling a bit in talking french, but her teacher has assured us that, Hannah is just being lazy. She has an amazing french vocabulary, but generally chooses English because it's easier. Personally I can barely count to 10 in french, so for me what she knows already is amazing, and she gets great amusement out of listening to me try to read her books.

M has been with us for almost 2 years now, in fact it will be 2 years at the end of April. She turned 4 in December, and is currently going to a preschool 5 days a week. We are hoping to hold her back a year, so next year she will be going to a modified kindergarten so that the year after she can do a full kindergarten before attending grade 1. She loves going to school and is doing great there. We work on learning the alphabet and counting at home, and she is starting to be able to recognize her letters. But while she doesn't really like sitting to learn her alphabet she loves running around. M has the most fun when moving, whether it is running from one end of the house and back, pretending to be a horse or just jumping on the couch, she loves to move. We joke that she's going to be our Olympian. Soccer starts in a couple of weeks for all the girls, but I'm confident it will be M who will enjoy it the most.

Sara-Lyn will be 5 in December and she has already told me her birthday party is going to be at Stir Crazy. I'm not sure if that will work out for her, but she can always dream. She is absolutely loving preschool, and is looking forward to going to kindergarten next year. She is doing really well with her speech and we no longer worry about her at all. The speech therapist that we are working with this year has assured us that Sara-Lyn wont even need to see anybody next year. She has caught up to her peers. She has started learning how to read, and I am always shocked by how many sight words she has. She is just starting to be able to sound words out, but she has 100s of sight words and can read many books by herself.

Our last one is J, he has been with us 9 months now, and will soon be leaving us. He is being adopted and should be moving from our home by mid-May. We are going to miss him, but it will be good for him to be with his sisters and forever family. He has recently figured out how to move chairs around to reach things that he shouldn't have, and I have to say for the first week I am just going to enjoy not having to put the chairs on the table after each meal.