Friday, July 28, 2006

Monster Poop!

I just have to tell everybody about the horrendous poop My youngest daughter had. Yes it was that large that it deserves a post. It leaked out both legs and the back of her diaper. (Try cleaning that one up without making a mess) I take back my estimate that she is 9 lbs now, after that poop I have to say she is down to somewhere around 8 lbs and 10 ounces.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Time Flies

Wow, I can't believe it has been almost six weeks already. It seems like just last week we brought Sara-Lyn home. I have a hard time when I look at Sara coming to terms with how quickly she's growing. When Hannah was a baby I didn't realize how quick babies grow, so I looked forward to each new development, but with Sara I know how quickly things change so I want to slow things down so I can appreciate each moment more. But of course that is impossible and she has continued to grow despite my objections, and boy is she growing fast. We have a Doctor's appointment next week so we will have some real stats, but I am sure she is close to 9 lbs. Hannah is also growing, lately I have noticed that she can reach things previously out of reach, and can climb onto furniture with a little more ease. Of course with her ability to climb, comes falls, and she defiantly knows how to fall. I am almost afraid to go out in public with her, for fear someone will call child services on us. Currently I can count 3 bruises on her face, and six on her legs. Ironically the biggest one on her face she got while we were at the Doctor's office on Monday. Hannah has decided that Sara is her own personal toy, which makes it difficult for Sara to get any tummy time, or just time by herself, every time I try to put Sara on the floor, Hannah is there within moments to hug, poke, and take whatever toy I have given to Sara. But I hear Sara crying and I am assuming she is probably hungry, so I must go feed her.

Monday, July 10, 2006

3 weeks

Well it has been three weeks since Sara-Lyn was born, so I guess it is about time that we posted and let everybody know how things are going. It has been a very busy three weeks for Sara. The first few days of Sara being home went smoother then I could have hoped. Hannah was more fascinated with Sara than any thing and was a great little helper bringing diapers and giving Sara hugs. Sara however seemed to be having problems settling the first few days and was continually waking up in what seemed like pain. So we took her to the chiropractor when she was only three days old, we saw a pediatric chiropractor and she made a minor adjustment (Sara didn't even wake up) and ever since Sara has been sleeping soundly.

When Sara was only 8 days old we drove to Edmonton in order to see the pediatrician. It was an exciting trip, we went to the zoo with Nana and Papa; Katy, Steve and Jayda; and Kerri and Jay. We stopped in for supper at our friends, who still live back in Edmonton, house. Hannah had a great time playing with their son, in their wading pool, and well Sara slept.

A few days after returning to Calgary we had more visitors and we made another trip to the zoo, Hannah slept and well so did Sara.

And lastly this last weekend we decided to take Hannah and Sara to the Calgary stampede. We watched the supper dogs and Hannah danced and sang along with Strawberry Shortcake, It was a fun but tiring day.

That catches us up to now, I think. For being only three weeks old Sara has had a pretty exciting time. Hannah is still being a helpful big sister, she takes the diapers to the garbage whenever she spots them, and pushes Sara in her swing when Sara cries. We have had a few misunderstandings where Hannah has gotten mad, but mostly things have been going pretty smoothly. I wish I had a picture of Hannah giving Sara one of her hugs, but I'm always afraid to grab the camera incase, Hannah gets a little over zealous with her hugs.

The only thing I would like to grumble about at this point is the lack of sleep. Now that Sara's jaundice has cleared up, I have discovered that she is an around the clock eater, she eats every two hours day and night. This means that I never get any more then one hour of sleep at a time. It is getting to be a little tiring. So you will have to forgive my bad grammar and disjointed thoughts, but my brain is only functioning at half capacity. Sara does have one three hour block, but it coincides with Hannah's wake up time, so it does me little good. But I'm done complaining now, after all getting no sleep is what being a parent is all about, right?