Friday, August 25, 2006

I spy

a tire, Ernie, a bag of peas, a green ear, a bag of diapers, 5 shoes, a bowl of salsa, a red "Donald Duck" and a baby ....   What can you find?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I decided to try using a set of recipes where you do all the prep work for 22 meals all at once and then you only have to actually cook them when the time comes. The instructions say it will take 4 hours, but it took me more like 8, so I am a little tired and I find it hard to believe that it will actually be time saving in the end. But I guess I will have to see how easy it is to make the actual dishes. I think it would be much better if a few people got together and made 2 or 3 sets all at once. So if anybody wants to assemble meals with me in about a month let me know and we can set up a date.

Since we got back

It has been an interesting week since we got back, the first thing that happened was on Sunday at midnight after a very long drive, I fell down the stairs, because I was holding Sara at the time I made no effort to protect myself and ended fall straight onto my tailbone, and it still hurts and it has been over a week. It was kind of frustrating last week when all I wanted to do was go to bed, but laying down hurt. Then on Monday night our hot water tank began to leak. Thankfully our landlady acted quickly and we had hot water again by Tuesday evening. Then over the weekend we attended Dan's cousin's wedding in Camrose. It was a nice ceremony and reception with good food and good company.


We had a great time in Saskatchewan last week, the weather was perfect giving us a few opportunities to hang out at the beach. Hannah had a great time, she spent most of the time inventing ways to get dirty. Her favorite was to sit in a pile of sand and dump handfuls down her clothes and into her hair. Sara enjoyed the fresh air and started to sleep on a more regular schedule. Dan had fun demolishing the roof on my Dad's cabin, he came a away with a few bruises, and a few stories. The most exciting being that of falling through the ceiling. It was great seeing everybody again and we're already looking forward to the next trip.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Off to Saskatchewan

Well we are off to Saskatchewan for a week, but before we go I though I better do an update on the Doctors appointment we went to on Monday. The appointment was for Sara-Lyn, and she is perfectly healthy, as expected. She seems to be suffering from reflux, which I kind of suspected, so from now on she sleeps with her head elevated and hopefully that will help her relax at night. I think I need to bottle my breastmilk and sell it on eBay as a growth serum. My guess of 9 lbs, for Sara was way off. The person to guess the closest was Dan's Mom at 10 lbs, but even she guessed low. Sara weighed in at a whopping 11 lbs and 15 ounces. She has gained 4 1/2 lbs in 5 weeks. She also grew 2 1/4 inches to make her 23 inches long. So no wonder I'm not getting any sleep at night, she is to busy eating to support her massive growth to sleep.