Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What a month!

First of all, to our faithful readers (if there's any of you left), our apologies for our month long absence... As with most people during this season, our lives have been hectic.

So anyways, here's what's been happening:

Survived first round of lay-offs at work - Phew!
The 16th was Carmen's Birthday - Happy Birthday Carmen
The following week we were both knocked out by the flu.
Hannah started crawling (Thankfully we were recovered by the time this started)
Picked up additional responsibilities after substantial lay-offs
traveled to Edson to visit my family for Christmas Did our standard marathon through Choiceland, Snowden (Too small for a website of their own), and Prince Albert to visit Carmen's family

Now for some of the details...

The flu was actually pretty scary. For those that don't already know (we tried to tell as much family as possible in person before posting here), Carmen is pregnant. Pregnancy and the flu are not very compatible and we wound up spending the better part of the night in the Royal Alexandra Hospital's emergency room. They pumped Carmen full of anti-nauseants and fluids and sent us back on our way.

Hannah's crawling was pretty exciting, she seems to be getting pretty good at following people around the house. The crawling, however was almost immediately followed by climbing. Not too high (yet), but she can get onto her knees and reach stuff that was previously out reach. She quickly learned that climbing wasn't restricted to the living room floor and started climbing everywhere - Out of Mom and Dad's bed (no more leaving her alone after she falls asleep for her naps), up against the rails of her crib (Amazing how cute she looked sobbing with her chin on the top rail / Time to drop the mattress down to the lowest setting...)

Christmas vacation was pretty fun, Hannah got to spend a lot of time with her Grandparents and Great-Grandparents, Mom and Dad got a little bit of R&R time, and got to catch up with family that we don't talk too nearly enough...

I'm sure I've missed lots, so there will probably be more updates to come...