Saturday, March 29, 2008


I know some people are actually wondering about the results of my ultrasound on Thursday so I guess I can take the time to write it down. The baby was measuring exactly average for how far along I am. They are guessing around 6 and 1/2 lbs, although ultrasounds are plus or minus a pound so really that weight means nothing. I am actually very happy to hear that this baby isn't ridiculously large like the last two were. I was getting worried that I was going to end up delivering a 10 lb baby. Of course the bad news is, that so far this pregnancy has been exactly average, which means if I continue on this trend of averageness I wont have this baby for another two weeks. I think I will go crazy if I have to wait another two weeks, or even possibly longer. I have officially carried this baby one week longer then I did with Sara and it feels like I should just have this one any day now.

In other news we celebrated Dan's birthday last night by having a few friends over, it was fun although it seemed that this has been a long week for everybody so we kept it pretty mellow. And well let's face facts I'm as big as a house how much fun can I possibly be. Sara and Hannah are doing great as always. Sara is starting to slowly expand her vocabulary. Although I have to admit that her grunting is amazingly effective. Hannah is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the baby, which she has nicknamed 'Tickely'. She has predicted that Tickely will arrive on Wednesday. I am predicting Saturday the 5th. Anybody else care to wager a guess....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Well Easter is officially past, and I am still pregnant. I really thought that I would have had this baby by Easter, but it appears that this baby has decided it needs to be full term. I will officially be 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow, which is considered a full term baby. I am glad that I made it this far, because it means that we don't have to worry about any complications from having an early baby. However I am starting to get a little impatient and I would be just as happy to have this baby any day now. I have an ultrasound on Thursday to check on the size of this baby, seeing how I have a tendency to have really big babies they want to check and make sure this one isn't going to 10 lbs.

Easter was fun, we had Dan's sister and her family visit us from Edmonton. So the kids did the easter egg hunt in the morning, then colored eggs. The weather was beautiful so we made our way to the park in the afternoon. I cooked a turkey complete with stuffing and everything. Last Christmas I made a pre-stuffed turkey, so this was my first attempt at doing turkey and stuffing completely from scratch. And I think it turned out pretty good. Next time will be better though. The kids had a great time finding eggs. and then eating them of course. Hmm well I can't think of anything else of importance to write about, and to be honest I'm kind of tired today after all the excitement over the weekend so I think I am going to go back to sitting on the couch like a big lump.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Preschool Registration

It is preschool registration night tonight, and Dan has been nice enough to volunteer to go register her. This is actually a bigger deal then it may seem as we live in a city that is growing much faster then it's infrastructure. So Dan is going to go stand in line at 5:30pm for a registration that doesn't even start until 7:00pm just to ensure that Hannah actually gets into the program of our choice. We actually have it easier then most people as we are trying to get into a location that is opening for the first time in September, which means that after the preregistration for siblings of already registered kids, there are 11 spots open, and not the 2 or 3 that most locations are boosting. Well wish us luck.