Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Guilt post

I am feeling guilty for not posting in two weeks. So here I am with very little to say. Hannah had an allergist appointment last week. We found out she is allergic to eggs and milk. She however does have extremely sensitive skin, and might be getting rashes from eating things like soy, but she isn't actually allergic to it. The Dr. Is pretty confident that she will outgrow both allergies, and we will be doing a challenge in December. But for now I still can't eat milk and now eggs, and we will be weaning her onto a soy formula. She also had an appointment with an optometrist, and it turns out she does have problems with her eyes, but it isn't bad enough to warrant wearing glasses. We have an appointment to go back when she is 18 months. Hopefully her eyes have gotten better, or he may suggest glasses then. Well that is most of the news with Hannah, she has started rolling over every once and a while. She is having great fun experimenting with new sounds, her latest one kind of reminded me of a lizard, so we've been calling her lizard girl this last week. hmm I think that is it, and I don't have anything exciting that has happened to me.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's to hot!

Edmonton is in the midst of its first heat wave this week, and I'm dreaming of air conditioners and ice baths. Since getting back from our imprompto trip to Saskatchewan on the long weekend it has been unbearably hot, and Hannah has been unbearable grumpy. I don't know what to think of her new found sleeping habits. When in her own bed she wakes up continually and wont fall back asleep without alot of work on my part. But the moment I move her to my bed she lets out a nice contented sigh and promptly falls into a deep undisturbed sleep until morning. I would like to blame this behavior on the heat, but seeing how my room is actually hotter then hers this theory doesn't really hold water. I am lost for ideas on how to get her back to sleeping in her bed, so if anybody has any suggestions please feel free to comment. I had a very enjoyable weekend visiting my family, it felt great to just get away from Edmonton and do nothing but lay around on the beach. We took Hannah swimming in the lake and while I can't say she had a great time, she didn't seem to mind the experience, despite the coldness of the water. But it's back to everyday life, cleaning, shopping (I like to shop) and taking naps with Hannah.