Thursday, September 18, 2008

more firsts

At Rebekah's appointment she weighed 14 lbs 7 ounces, which is exactly average for her age. She was also exactly average in length and head size as well. Otherwise she was perfectly healthy as expected of course. Sara has decided that she needed to have a first this month as well, so she took it upon herself to go to the potty all by herself, twice in two days. My goal is to have her potty trained in time for preschool next sept. so I definitly think we're on the right track. Sara has also discovered that she can turn the light on in her room, so bedtime has now become a new game, where instead of coming out of the room a dozen times, she gets up and turns her light on, and if we don't check her and Hannah will play for hours. I think that is everything for now, and I'll post some pictures just to make everybody happy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My poor neglected blog, I think it was starting to feel a little abandoned. Well I haven't given up on it yet, I just took a little break while our life was so hectic. It has been a months of first for the kids. Hannah started her first day of preschool on Monday. The Friday before was a brief 1 hr long orientation where I stayed with her, and she pretty much ignored me. I was the parent standing off to the side awkwardly looking around wondering what I was supposed to do with myself. Of course better that then the parent desperately trying to unglue their child from their leg. Monday was her first day by herself, and she did great, she was excited for me to leave, and excited when I came and picked her up. I feel a little bit sad that there wasn't a little bit of a moment where I could be the loving Mom and reassure her that preshcool was as much fun as it promised to be. But I guess I am glad that she has the self-confidence to run head long into each new experience. Hannah also had her first day of dance school today. It was perhaps an even bigger event as we had to buy a whole dance outfit and two pairs of shoes, so she has been waiting for dance school all week. I would have loved to stay and watch her for the dance class as I just know she was adorable in her little outfit, dancing with all the other pink princesses, but the class has a strict closed door policy, so I have to trust Hannah's big smile to say that she had a good time.

Rebakah has also had a few first this month as well. She rolled over two weeks ago for the first time, she was on her stomach one minute I looked away and there she was on her back. It was quite exciting other then the fact that I completely missed it. She has also started spending sometime in her jolly jumper. She is growing like crazy, she has her shots tomorrow so we will find out exactly how much she has grown.

I'm feeling bad for Sara-Lyn that there isn't a whole list of things for me to say about her, but I'm afraid she isn't in any exciting classes, and as she has achieved all the majoy milestones already there isn't much I can say. Of course that doesn't mean Sara isn't doing stuff. She is learning words everyday, and is starting to use them in a very forceful manner. Her favorite expression right now is to cross her arms, stick her lip out, and go "hmphf" with this ridiclous frown on her face. She is becoming a little dare devil at the park. She makes me cringe lots, when she insists on following Hannah up everything.

Well I guess that is everything, perhaps if I remember I will post the results of Rebekah's shots tomorrow, or maybe some pictures.