Wednesday, January 24, 2007

company, feeling ill, bandaids, exercise and poker.

The weekend before last weekend we had company. It was friends from way way up north. It was great to see them again as we rarely get to see them, and usually have to be satisfied with quick visits once or twice a year. They stayed the weekend and we got more then our fill of board games. We also took a day trip to Edmonton in the midst of all that to try Bridesmaids dresses on for a wedding this summer. It was a rather hectic trip as just me and Kara drove there and back with two kids in just one day but it was a fun day and worth the drive. (Thanks Katy for babysitting) Since the weekend, and well to be honest starting the weekend I have had a really bad cough. Dan got sick not far behind me, and unfortunately for him seems to be really taking it hard. He has had to take a few days off work. He did go see the Doctor today and got antibiotics and a steroid puffer. I will be seeing my Doctor on Friday so I guess I will be asking for antibiotics too. The doctor Dan saw said that without antibiotics this particular bug will takes the average person 60 days to run its course. (Yuck) So if anybody I've come in contact with in the last two weeks has a cough, just go to your Doctor and get the drugs. Onto to band aids. I discovered this week that 20 band aids for a kid is nothing. I though a box of twenty would last us forever, well I was wrong. Hannah cut her finger on Monday, quit badly actually probably should have had stitches, but since Monday I have gone through most of her band aids and a fair number of the non fun adult band aids. She insists on playing with it, but then gets mad when it falls off, so I have to go dig out a new one, I think we're going through 5 band aids a day. I joined an exercise program. It is very exciting and I am trying to make it there three times a week. Dan has been great putting Hannah to bed by himself so I can get out of the house at a reasonable time. I have really enjoyed the two times I have gone so far, although this cough kinds of suck. I'm not really interested in losing weight (although I wont complain) but I would like to have more energy, and just maybe get my ab muscles back. Apparently two pregnancies, turn your abdominal muscles to mush. and Last, poker, me and Dan were supposed to go to a poker tournament hosted by his work this evening, but well since Dan missed work, we couldn't exactly go to the tournament. It was kind of disappointing as I am sure I would have won first place. Okay maybe not first place, but I like to think I would have placed in the top ten anyways. (fifty people signed up) Oh well next time.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Friday, January 05, 2007


back to normal

Well everything is back to normal, well as normal as it gets. Dan is back to work, and my house has been returned to its original pre-Christmas state, with the addition of a couple dozen new toys. Hannah and Sara have decided to bring in the new year by developing new skills. Hannah is learning new words like crazy, and Sara has decided that she can sit now.

New Years

We went to the zoo for New years eve. It was a lot of fun, they have a huge walk through light show, and then fireworks at 8:30, Hannah really enjoyed the lights, and was mesmerized buy the fireworks. She almost made it to bring in the new year, but fell asleep at 11:45. A pretty late night for her, but she did remarkably well. Sara on the other hand slept through most of the lights and the fireworks.


Well Christmas is officially over, and we had a great time, at all three of our Christmases. The kids got lots of clothes and toys, and me and Dan got everything we asked for. But more importantly we got to visit with lots of family, and eat lots of good food. Hannah was teething over the first part of Christmas so she was a little grouchier then normal, but the tooth has come through now, so she is feeling better. Other then that I think the first Christmas hosted at our house was a success.