Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bad hair day

She's lucky she's so cute!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I guess it is time I give an update as to what has been happening in our lives. Starting with Sara-Lyn, we moved her to the crib two weeks ago, she seems to be sleeping better, which isn't surprising seeing how the bassinet is not really the most comfortable thing. She loves to talk if you sit down with her and have a conversation she will chat up a storm. She is funny though, she tries so hard to make each sound, that sometimes she forgets to breath and then has to gasp for air which means she makes this adorable little squeak. We have started the process of potty training Hannah, I was starting to become discouraged but it seems that something clicked for her during yesterday afternoon. Yesterday evening she went to the potty 4 out of 5 times and today she is 2 for 2. Unfortunately we still aren't getting the poops, but with the recent successes I have faith that she will start going to the potty for those ones too. Hannah broke her first tooth on Sunday, well she chipped it anyways. She fell off of the teeter totter and hit the center bar. She went to the dentist this morning with Dad, and he confirmed that it was just a surface chip, but he wants to see her again in two weeks to make sure there was no root damage. Apparently both me and Dan have to go to this appointment as he wants to show us the proper way of brushing her teeth. I am a little worried about this as he mentioned that it involves two people, one to hold her and the other to brush. I have to wonder if it is really worth traumatizing our child on a nightly basis just to possibly prevent a few cavities in her baby teeth. Currently Hannah brushes her own teeth, and I think she does a pretty good as she does her best to imitate us. hmmm I think that is all the current news, Me and Dan live a pretty boring life so there is nothing about us to mention, We had company this weekend, it was fun to visit with old friends, and play a game of settlers.