Sunday, November 07, 2010

Summer 2010

Our summer started with Sara-Lyn's 4th birthday in June at Riley park. We had a pit of confusion to start with as the pool we had initially chosen was under renovations. But it all got sorted out and we had a great time wading in the pool and then playing at the part. Thanks to everybody who came out to celebrate her birthday with us.

I'm in a bit of shock that Sara is 4 already. I am not ready for her to be starting her second year of preschool already. Her speech has been doing great and she is loving her gymnastics. Her first year of preschool went great and she is sad that it is over and that she has to say goodbye to her teacher.

Summer was very busy for us, I can't even remember everything we did. I made a few trips to the farm with just me and the kids, and we made a trip to the lake as a family. It was a busy summer but a memorable one.

Fall is now here and everybody has started school again. Hannah is in grade one and doing great. In fact she is doing better about it then I am. I am having a hard time with her being gone all day. Some days I am glad for the quite but I wish I had the opportunity to spend a little more time with her. But she likes her teacher and the friends she has made. She is also making huge progress in Reading and Writing French and English. In fact now we can send the other kids to her to have a book read :)

Sara-Lyn is loving her pre-school again. She goes 3 afternoons a week, and wants to go everyday. She is also taking speech through her preschool. They've gone on their first field trip already to the Calgary corn maze, and Sara was in heaven to get to ride a school bus like the other kids.

M has been doing really great as well. She is going to a special needs preschool 5 days a week and has been really enjoying that. In fact she probably asks twice a day on the weekends when her bus is coming. She is getting help with socializing and speech here at the house once every two weeks. She has been making a lot of progress with expressing herself.

Rebekah is going to gymnastics along with the other kids, while she would like to go everyday I'm afraid she is stuck with just once a week. She wants to go to her own preschool, and we've made a deal that when she pees in the potty she can go to school. Her speech is amazing she has such a big vocabulary. Unfortunately many of her words are difficult to understand and she may have some of the same problems as Sara-Lyn. At this point I'm not going to worry too much as I'm confident she isn't as bad as Sara was. She is also my very stubborn girl, who definitely likes being the baby of the family. After all everybody has to cater to her every whim. While she likes to be the baby she is also very determined to be a big girl, she swings in the big swings, goes down the big slides and tries to climb everything at the park. There is no holding her back.

Our newest addition J came to us in July and he was 6 months old. He is now 10 months old. He is crawling, and getting ready to start walking. Hopefully he will be moving on from our home to his forever home in the next few weeks. This would be very exciting for him and we are all waiting anxiously to find out what the plan for him will be.