Friday, February 17, 2006

Well I guess it is about time I post. I am sure after six weeks I can come up with a few interesting things to write about. Well I guess I will start with the news about Hannah, seeing how that is all anybody really wants to hear anyways.

In January we went back to her allergist and he decided to challenge her milk allergy. That was a disaster and a waste of time, if you phone me and ask I will have a nice long rant about this particular allergist, but for now we will stick with the facts. She is still allergic to milk and eggs and must avoid all consumption, or physical contact with either, until she is at least two, at which point we will probly challenge them again.

Hannah has begun the process of learning how to walk, she pulls herself up to standing using the furniture and then makes her way around the room. Recently she has gotten braver and has starting letting go of the furniture and standing stationary until she inevitably falls over. Her periods of standing are getting longer though and it wont be long before she takes her first steps. She moved into the imitation phase and enjoys doing the things that me and Daddy do. She talks on the phone, brushes her hair, hugs her teddy bears, and my personal favorite she will sit in her chair and read her books. It is cute though because she keeps a constant monologue going while pointing at the pictures in the book. One day I plan on recording this, and showing it off to anybody who will watch my home videos. Her talking is also getting better, I have heard and am pretty sure she understands the words Mommy, Daddy, Thankyou, gently, go, see, yeah, wow and perhaps okay. She may not understand the exact meaning of these words but she seems to sort of understand them, I suspect that she may think "go" has anything to do with outside as she will often point out the window and say "go". And she has a word that seems to mean "get me that" because she will point at things and say "geeeay" and then "thankyou" if you oblige her. hmmmm other things Hannah has started doing, Some not so nice things are her recent decision to not eat green vegetables, standing up in her crib instead of napping, and the realization that she can throw things like new toilet paper rolls into the toilet.

Okay but moving on, I had an appointment with my OB early this weeks and of course I got to hear the heartbeat again. It was quit fun this time, because the Dr. would just locate the heartbeat and start counting and there would be a bunch of static, and no more heartbeat. So she would find it again and then the same thing would happen. The doctor was getting rather frustrated as it took her 4 or 5 times before she was able to determine the rate of the babies heartbeat. I however was quit amused by these antics. Our ultrasound is Tuesday, so I imagine we will have more fun stories to tell after that.

It seems like nothing exciting ever happens to me or Dan. We are the same as before. This weekend we are planning a trip to Jasper. We will be leaving Hannah in Edson for one night. We needed to start slow with leaving her behind, I couldn't imagine doing more then one night at this point. And the only other exciting thing that has happened to me and Dan is that we bought a new set of phones. So no more phones dyeing every time we're talking to people. They were quit expensive so hopefully they last a looooong time.

Okay well I think that sums up all the news for the last six weeks, feel free to leave lots of comments or suggestions on things I may have missed mentioning.