Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dan is still alive, honest!

Wow, talk about taking a break from posting, two months and change since my last post!

The new job has certainly been interesting. I had worked with the government before when I was at 5D, but I have now experienced the full effect of the speed of government while working at SAIT, if you want more details, you'll have to catch me on MSN or over email... On the bright side, while waiting to actually receive the servers that I was supposed to configure, I have been having a lot of fun tuning their code. One of the best results took a job that ran in two and half hours down to 4 minutes. Yes, you heard me right, from hours to minutes!

If there's anybody out there that knows anything about gravel and tar roofing, please make yourself known as our new place seems to have a bit of a leaking problem (unless of course you think that a kiddie pool in the basement is a good thing...)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Rain, Rain,

The sudden rain after weeks of hot weather is truly the most exciting thing I have to post about. It has been an exceptionally uneventful week, at least in our world. Hannah is teething again, I don't believe I mentioned it but two weeks ago one of the molars on the top of her mouth came in. And now the teeth that are supposed to be coming in, the next set on the bottom, are poking through. I am a little worried though, usually teeth come in pairs and so far I have only seen the molar on the right side with no sign of it's mate on the left. Well that is the most exciting news I could come up with, I am going to go and have lunch, feel free to COMMENT about your exciting news.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Toddler Bed

I am starting to feel a little optimistic that we may have actually got this toddler bed thing figured out. We put Hannah into a toddler bed last Monday night. The first two nights went off without a hitch, but then she figured out that she could get out of the bed and drive us insane, and things went downhill from there. It was taking anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to get her to fall asleep and everyone was exhausted by the end. Last night however was only 30 minutes, and today during her nap she only got up twice, and finally tonight she went to sleep without getting up once. I wont be naive enough to believe that she will go to bed like this every night but it is somewhat comforting to believe that the worst is over.


I finally found what could be considered a toddler park in our neighborhood yesterday. It is still a little old for Hannah as it just has a slide (which is too big), a teeter tooter, one of those horses on a spring, and of course baby swings. Despite finally locating a park within walkable distance I don't think me and Hannah will be going back though, this particular park seems to be infested with red ants. Calgary seems to have decided that sand isn't good for parks so all of the parks I have come across anyways have had the sand removed and filled in with gravel. This apparently seems to be prime living conditions for ants. The wood surrounding the park and the rocks themselves were infested. I of course didn't realize this until Hannah decided to sit on the wood, and instantly became covered in little red ants. I think this was actually more traumatizing for me then her, as she hadn't even noticed yet. Thankfully I was able to get them off of her pretty quickly and she only got bit twice. But I made the mistake of running her to the middle of the park which I thought would be ant free. It wasn't and they continued to crawl up her legs as I was scooping them off of her upper body and face. Needless to say we didn't stay there very long, and probably wont go back, at least until Hannah is past the age where she finds it fun to sit in the rocks and just push them around.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's day, and a trip to the Zoo

Happy Mother's day to all us mothers, hopefully everybody had the opportunity to relax and do something special for themselves today. We decided to take a trip to the Zoo today, and it was a very enjoyable time. The aftermath of course is complete exhaustion, but it was worth it. In the four hours we were there we only saw maybe a quarter of what was available so more trips in the future are defiantly in order. Hannah seemed to enjoy herself although she didn't seem to know what to make of the bigger animals, like the elephants.


We had what should be our last ultrasound on Wednesday, and I am glad to say everything is looking perfectly normal. Although my Doctor's suspicion that this baby is measuring large was confirmed. According to the ultrasound this baby is measuring 4 lbs and 2 ounces. Of course those ultrasounds are only so accurate. But assuming it's correct then this baby is measuring two weeks early. I have said since the start of this pregnancy that it would be born in the 35th week, which puts it between June 4 and 10. And I'm guessing another girl 7lbs 2ounces. I'm going to ignore Lynne's comment about a 9lb baby as that is just not going to happen.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Babies, Babies everywhere

It has certainly been an exciting week. Me and Dan became aunt and uncle twice over and Hannah has two new cousins to play with. (Or as her nana likes to say, boss around.)

Congratulations to Angela and Marc on the birth of their son Hayden Scott Hoffort, born 12:01 AM, May 1st 2006. He was 2lbs 8oz. As he was born 10 weeks early he will have to spend some extra time at the hospital doing some more growing. However he is doing great and taking small steps towards going home everyday.

Congratulations to Katy and Steve on the birth of their daughter Jayda Rain Winjet, born 1:38 PM, May 6th 2006. She was 7lbs 7oz and 20 inches. She has her mother's chin and somebody's very cute but big feet. Keep checking back and when I track down my camera I might even post a picture.

And last but definatly not least us, Our baby is still kicking my ribs and jumping on my bladder. However I am quite content to be able to still complain about being pregnant. Our household is starting to become a little stressed as the time when Hannah was born approaches. I think that Dan is convinced this baby is just going to fall out, every time I sneeze his blood pressure raises a little. So far we have no reason to worry though, the last ultrasound was good, and my only complaints are all a part of normal pregnancy. (although I think somebody played a cruel joke on me when they made all the signs of preterm labor symptoms of normal pregnancy). At my last appointment the Doctor nicely informed us that this baby is starting to measure on the very large side of average, and we have another ultrasound sometime this week to make sure everything is still going great.

And of course I have to say something about Hannah, She is learning the art of maximizing mess. I find her toys absolutely everywhere, and of course she doesn't like to play with big toys anymore only little ones that come in sets, like fridge magnets or puzzle pieces. She carries them around in containers and then dumps them out whenever the whim hits her. Her favorite spot of course is on the stairs. She has also discovered that she has both teeth and nails. At this point I like to think that she is just experimenting and will soon learn what is apropiate. Until then be a little wary. We went to a toddler park the other day and she had great fun discovering the slide. She isn't quite brave enough to go down on her bum yet, she insists on turning around and going down on her stomach. But I must end this post she has decided that she has had enough of me being on the computer.